Hundreds of California public employees are paid over $400,000 per year

By Mark Bucher | Imagine trying to run a business without knowing how much it cost you to provide health insurance or retirement benefits. Imagine if you didn’t even know how much each employee made.

Ask any businessman or woman, and they will tell you that this would be crazy. When your employees came to you asking for a raise, you’d have no idea whether they were over or underpaid, and no clue how your competitors were pricing similar work.

For decades, this is what it’s been like for California taxpayers trying to rein in government compensation. But instead of going out of business like a private company, California governments have just raised taxes higher and higher. California residents now suffer the highest individual income tax rate in the country, one of the highest rates of sales tax and corporate income tax rates, and the second highest tax on gasoline. Behind all the increases, there’s a big contributing factor in common: the insatiable salary demands of government employees.

Now, however, that can change — thanks to the California Public Policy Center’s just-released website,

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1 Response to Hundreds of California public employees are paid over $400,000 per year

  1. Jane Rands says:

    I think there is some misplaced blame here regarding state tax rates and local government employees. Higher state taxes approved by voters may allow for increased state employee salaries. But local governments find it impossible to garner the 2/3 approval from voters to pass new taxes. So instead of increasing taxes to make up for ridiculously high compensation of some local government employees, the budget is balance with decreased funds available for necessities such as road maintenance.

    I would like to throw in another thought regarding California state taxes compared to other states. The states that steal California businesses with the lure of lower taxes are the same states that receive higher federal monies than CA. As the big donor state, we give half our federal tax money away to states receiving double what they pay in. Our reps in the DC do not bring back the money we as taxpayers pony up.

    I don’t like subsidizing states that are taking MY job and the job from the guy sitting in the cube next to me, especially when those are the same states where businesses shut down multiple times a year for multiple days because of the weather. When was the last time you missed a day of work in CA because of the weather. And CA is bad for business?

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