Doug Chaffee and Larry Bennett — the Fullerton police union’s odd couple

An excellent analysis by the Fullerton Rag:

Chaffee & Bennett campaign sign“Confused supporters of Mayor and City Council candidate Doug Chaffee have noticed the giant green and blue signs bearing his name and the name of fellow candidate Larry Bennett, and wondered who could possibly be supporting both of them. Doug Chaffee is a supporter of saving Coyote Hills, Larry Bennett supported Measure W, Chevron’s plan to build there. Doug Chaffee is the darling of Fullerton’s Democrats, while Larry Bennett is the great white hope of the city’s establishment Republicans. Larry Bennett has been endorsed by Congressman-for-life Ed Royce, Supervisor Shawn Nelson, former State Senator Dick Ackerman and current State Senator Bob Huff. Doug Chaffee’s endorsements include Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, the Sierra Club, the Fullerton Observer …and former Republican State Senator Dick Ackerman, evidently.

“What (else) could possibly bring these two together on one oversized sign? The Fullerton Police Officers Association, of course. The FPOA, the union representing Fullerton’s police officers, will back whichever candidates they think will increase their number and/or safeguard their salaries. […]”

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1 Response to Doug Chaffee and Larry Bennett — the Fullerton police union’s odd couple

  1. Wes Smith, P.E. says:

    I recently received a recorded telephone message in support of Chaffee and Bennett while throwing mud at Sebourn. The statements made were less than completely truthful and they were misleading. These statements were made by the Fullerton Police Officers Association without consultation with Chaffee and Bennett. I feel that the statements were completely unfair, not only to Greg Sebourn, but also to Chaffee and Bennett for being associated with such devious attempts to affect the public opinion.

    Police officers hold a venerated position in our society. Their word usually trumps the common citizen’s in a court of law. As such, they should be an example to the rest of us by being forthright and magnanimous even in their personal and political actions. The recent false statements against Mr. Sebourn are completely unacceptable from an organization with the name Fullerton Police Officers Association and essentially lower the Fullerton Police Officers to nothing more than hired security guards. I, for one, expect a higher level of integrity from our police and their associations.

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