What the Orange Juice Blog says about Fullerton’s city council race

The liberal Orange Juice Blog has this to say about Fullerton’s city council race on its Comprehensive 2014 Voters Guide: “… be brave and vote Paden and Rands! Or if you like, Sebourn and Paden, or Sebourn and Rands.”

Following are extended comments further down on the same page by bloggers Greg Diamond and Vern Nelson:

DIAMOND: This race looks awfully interesting. Fullerton has no separate race for Mayor. Six men and one woman will compete for two seats. The incumbents are Doug Chaffee and Greg Sebourn. [Challengers are] Larry BennettRick AlvarezSean PadenBill Chaffee and Jane Rands. Bill Chaffee is, I’m told, the estranged brother of Doug and his only effects in the race will be to either draw away confused voters about the Mayor’s first name or make some unknowing Chaffee supporters happy to think that they are in effect voting for him twice. He won’t play a role in the rest of the analysis.

Chaffee (the Mayor, that is) — looks to be the clear favorite for one seat because he has no Democrats nearby with which to split up the vote. (While Rands is well to Chaffee’s left, on the most contentious issues of police and pensions she’s also more likely to be allied with Bruce Whitaker than with Chaffee.) Paden and Sebourn represent the insurgent Republic faction; Bennett represents the old guard; Alvarez — with whom Chaffee is probably most ideologically compatible — falls between the two. Public safety unions will probably want to elect Chaffee and Alvarez or Bennett — but the success of Whitaker in 2012 suggests that the public hasn’t exactly forgotten about Fullerton’s recent history. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of the presence of Larry Bennett — who led the anti-recall forces in 2012 — in the race, but my bet is that Rands will appreciate it. I’m already on record as liking Rands and as not finding Sebourn especially offensive. (Yes, I do have much higher praise for Republicans than that!) Personally, though, I am required by my party to support no one but Chaffee — whom I do like and who will win one of the seats. YMMV.

NELSON: Jane Rands and Sean Paden. I would love to see them both win but more realistically I’d like to see Sebourn keep his seat (which is a good chance with his OCGOP endorsement) and have Paden join him in a Whitaker-Sebourn-Paden police reform majority. Forget Alvarez and Bennett, and Chaffee is one of the least strong Democrats extant. I still think brother Diamond has had Fullerton confused with Costa Mesa, and the dream of a civilian oversight committee in that town is much greater than any dangers of employee massacre.

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