Who NOT to vote for in Fullerton’s City Council race

By Jack Dean | It seemed to me that State Senator John Moorlach must have been opening my home snail-mail when I read these paragraphs in his recent commentary in the Daily Pilot titled, Public employee union donations pose a conflict:

“When unions can fund the campaigns of their potential bosses, it can only lead to the granting of overly generous and unsustainable compensation packages. Such is the result of this allowable, yet unconscionable, conflict of interest.

“There are two major areas that public sector unions focus on. The first is collective bargaining unit contract negotiations. The second is participating in the election process and contributing to candidates that will be favorable to their first priority. This is done by contributing directly to those candidates, or through independent expenditures on their behalf, like mailing magnets in the shape of firefighter helmets with the names of their endorsed slate of candidates to voters.

FFA refrigerator magnet











If you received one of these in your mail, put it on your refrigerator to remind you which candidates NOT to vote for.

As Moorlach says: “Until public employee unions take ownership of the fiscal havoc they have created, we need to avoid voting for their anointed candidates. Or we will dig a hole so deep that our children will resent us for letting it happen in front of our eyes. And with our votes.”

I haven’t received a refrigerator magnet with candidate Jesus Silva’s name on it, but if you review the campaign reports on the city’s website, you’ll find that he has been the beneficiary of more than $10,000 in independent expenditures by Fullerton’s police union.

If you are interested in seeing which candidates are being supported financially by our city’s public employee unions, Matt Leslie has provided an excellent “how to” post on his Fullerton Rag blog.


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2 Responses to Who NOT to vote for in Fullerton’s City Council race

  1. Pat Shuff says:

    State Senator John Moorlach, as usual, has the solution to unfunded benefits. Susan Shuff Gapinski didn’t participate in the P.D. questionnaire, because it was apparent that only one of the several questions really mattered.

    As important as my family believes the police are, the City of Fullerton needs to reassess the compensation. A study of the benefits is necessary, not just a blanket approval of the union’s requests.

    Bob Shuff, my husband, was a volunteer police officer in the city we lived in before moving to Fullerton, and we respect and support the police. Please check out Susan’s web site at Gapinski4Fullerton.com.

  2. Joshua Ferguson says:

    I would recommend that Voters keep an eye out for candidates who will even speak to this issue, let alone take it on full steam.

    When the Police Union sent out their questionnaire to candidates I sent it back to them telling them where I stand on this issue amongst others because I wanted the town to know that I’m not going to play politics and tell everybody what they want to hear.

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