Fullerton police and firefighters get a big return on their campaign contributions

When Jan Flory ran for city council in 2012, she emphatically stated during a candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters that she was running to “protect city employees.” The Fullerton Police Officers’ Association (FPOA) spent $60,000 during that race to help her win her seat by a mere 29 votes, and their “investment” has paid off big for them ever since.

The last payback came last night. At her final official meeting as a member of the city council, Flory voted with council members Doug Chaffee and Jennifer Fitzgerald (a 3-2 vote) to approve substantial pay increases for the Fullerton Police Management Association (FPMA).

[You can download and read the MOU (Agenda Item #2) here. Watch the staff presentation here starting at 1:09:30.]

Here are the pay increases (this is from the staff’s PowerPoint presentation):

2016-12-7 FPMA - MOU




Both Chaffee and Fitzgerald have also received financial support from the police union, either as direct campaign contributions or as independent expenditures — Chaffee in 2012, and Fitzgerald in last month’s election.

Our public employee unions control our City Council.

“Government employees like to say they get to elect their own bosses” who will put into effect salary schedules and work rules amenable to union demands, says author Mallory Factor in his book, Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind.

Money flows from unions to politicians and back to unions “in a never-ending cycle of greed and corruption,” he says.

We’ll be looking more closely at this issue in the weeks, months and years to come.


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2 Responses to Fullerton police and firefighters get a big return on their campaign contributions

  1. C.g. Carver says:

    Once again, done in by supposedly honest politicians…Jan Flory. That is why you choose who vote for very carefully

  2. Bruce Whitaker says:

    Raises along with a 6% lump retroactive payment which will collectively increase the salary/benefits costs by more than 30% over four years.
    While streets disintegrate throughout Fullerton, the Council majority prioritizes pay increases, perqs and pensions over pavement.

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