Political party money was key to California Democrats’ super-majority success

Democrats have restored their two-thirds super-majorities in both houses of California’s Legislature, and according to this story in the Sacramento Bee, that achievement rests heavily on millions of special-interest dollars moving to and from political party campaign committees, effectively avoiding candidate contribution limits and obscuring the true source of the money.

From the Bee story: Party committees … gave more than $32 million to some three-dozen candidates for the Assembly and Senate during that time, state filings show. The top recipients were Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, and Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, former members who won rematches against the Republicans who defeated them in 2014. … In no contest did party money play a larger role than in the upset win of Fullerton Democrat Josh Newman, whose 2,498-vote victory sealed Democrats’ 27-seat supermajority in the state Senate.

Read the entire article here and be sure to check out the interactive map tracking where Josh Newman’s contributions originated.

2106 Campaign Contribution Sources

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