Council votes not to take a stance on Department of Justice lawsuit

By Brandon Pho, Daily Titan | Fullerton City Council will not take a stance regarding the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against California for three sanctuary laws entitling undocumented immigrants to certain protections.

The meeting lasted nearly 6 hours.“I was a little (surprised by this decision) just because I wasn’t sure where it was going,” said council member Jesus Silva, who said he initially suspected the council would vote to support the lawsuit at its Tuesday meeting.

Mayor Doug Chaffee, Mayor Pro Tem Greg Sebourn and Silva voted in favor of receiving and filing the consideration, with opposition from council member Jennifer Fitzgerald and an abstention by council member Bruce Whitaker. The decision was met with uproarious applause by a majority of the audience.

In response to hecklers in the audience asking what it meant to receive and file, Sebourn and Chaffee said that the city would elect to remain silent on the issue without alienating those opposed to the lawsuit.

The matter was brought before the council at the request of Fitzgerald, who was in favor of supporting the lawsuit, citing overreach by the state and its sanctuary laws’ strain on the ability of the federal government to enforce immigration laws.

To read the entire story in the Daily Titan, please click here. To watch last night’s marathon council meeting, please click here.

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2 Responses to Council votes not to take a stance on Department of Justice lawsuit

  1. Sean Paden says:

    While I think the lawsuit challenging the California law has merit, this vote will not have any impact on whether that suit succeeds or fails. I am all for holding public officials’ feet to the fire but I for one am going to prioritize Council-member votes that do affect the city (such as votes on public employee pay increases and tax/fee increases) over those that do not.

  2. Gretchen Cox says:

    Undocumented people made the choice to come to America knowing they were not coming legally anywhere from decades ago to more recently, often separating families to do so. Yet somehow it is now the fault of American citizens for their plight here and the possibility that their families could again be separated.

    Choices have consequences. The consequences fall on the shoulders of those that made the original choice to come here illegally. That does not obligate Americans to allow more to continue to come illegally. If those undocumented people have committed other crimes while here, we certainly are not obligated to help you hide from law enforcement.

    Minorities and progressives had no problem costing Fullerton more than a million dollars when they sued for District Voting but say the city has no right to spend tax money to support our own federal laws??? Sebourn and Whitaker showed a complete lack of principle and leadership in siding with Chaffee and Silva to receive and file the report (Sebourn) or abstaining from voting (Whitaker). I will remember that come the June primary!

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