Moorlach urges a Yes vote on recall, endorses Whitaker to replace Newman

State Senator John Moorlach has issued the following letter of support for the candidacy of Bruce Whitaker in the recall election to replace Josh Newman as our 29th District State Senator:

Dear Fellow Citizens,

We have two amazing and historical opportunities.

The first is the recall of a State Senator that voted to increase your gas and auto taxes.

The second is to vote in an experienced and solid community leader as a replacement.

State Senator John M.W. MoorlachI’ve known Bruce Whitaker for more than two decades. He is bright. He is independent. He is conservative. He is experienced in the governmental industry, having served with distinction in a number of roles. And, he is accessible.

Bruce Whitaker was there to help when we turned Orange County around after it filed for bankruptcy protection on December 6, 1994.

California is in poor shape after four decades of Democratic control. I need Bruce Whitaker to join me in the State Senate to now help turn Sacramento around.

Please vote for Bruce Whitaker on Tuesday, June 5th for State Senate.

John M. W. Moorlach
State Senator, 37th District

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