Downtown paid parking proposal on tomorrow’s council meeting agenda

Downtown Fullerton Parking Game PlanThe City Council will consider the implementation of a 90-Day Downtown Nighttime Paid Parking Pilot Program at tomorrow night’s regularly scheduled meeting. It’s Item #1 on the agenda under Regular Business.

We first reported on this on July 23.

Here’s the staff recommendation from the agenda item’s backup memo prepared by Community Development Director Ted White:

RECOMMENDATION: Approve a 90-day downtown nighttime paid parking pilot program within the following parameters:

a) Location:Public parking lots and structures generally bounded by Wilshire Avenue on the north, the railroad tracks on the south, Malden Avenue on the west and Pomona Avenue on the east

b) Days and Times:Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 8:00 PM and 1:00 AM

c) Fees: A flat fee for parking set at $5 with the potential for adjustments based on demand, not to exceed $10

d) Use of Net Revenues: Designate revenue from the program for reinvestment into the operations of the Downtown, generally including maintenance, enforcement, safety and security and including funding for the preparation of an Assessment Engineer’s Report to inform consideration of the formation of a Business Improvement District and/or other type of Landscape, Lighting or Maintenance District.

Read the item’s agenda report (PDF) here. Details of the proposal (HTML) can be found on the city’s website here.

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2 Responses to Downtown paid parking proposal on tomorrow’s council meeting agenda

  1. Pat Wilson says:

    We have to start somewhere to begin a way to raise funds to help relieve the General Fund of the Dohards behavior. This a step in that direction.

    When all the costs of the Bar Zone are considered it might just be that the general tax payers are subsidizing the bar owners and those property owners who rent to them.

    I would like to see just what the revenue stream from the Bar Overlay district is and all the costs associated, time to think of the cost benefit ratio. At a minimum hammer the bad actors hard, I will commit to funding two ABC Agents 8 Pm to 3 AM Friday and Saturday nights for Four not consecutive weekends, the dates would be determined by myself with ABC and Police Department consultation. I would not expect to pay the loaded labor rate, I would expect to pay the Agents OverTime rate.

    On a separate but associated subject, I would not vote for additional taxes for streets unti the hard decisions are made about the Down Town problem, the Council has many difficult decisions ahead and I wish them luck because in the end we all win or lose.

  2. Jane Rands says:

    So what’s to stop the drunkees from barfing (oops I meant parking) in my hood?

    I really rather let them park free and continue to use the parking structure as their after hours toilet and beer can dumping grounds rather than neighborhood streets.

    Clean up downtown and then think about saddling the unrepresented downtown residents with the “vibrant downtown” visitors.

    No thanks.

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