California’s cost of living is hurting the middle class – Prop 6 will help

By Jon Coupal | Perhaps the most contentious issue on the November ballot is Proposition 6, which would repeal the massive increase in both California’s gas tax and the car tax. Proposition 6 was placed on the ballot by a grassroots coalition of taxpayers and small business groups. It is opposed by well-financed interests including labor organizations, construction companies and other interests that make money from transportation projects.

A weekly column by Jon CoupalThose interests are financing a multi-million-dollar disinformation campaign claiming that the state’s roads and bridges are unsafe because Californians’ taxes were too low.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so expensive.

The reasons that Proposition 6 is so popular — despite the irresponsible and self-serving claims of its opponents – are legion. California already had the fifth-highest gas taxes in the nation, even before the tax hike. Our state income tax rates and state sales tax rate are the nation’s highest. Add to that crushing regulations and counterproductive progressive policies that result in outcomes opposite of that intended and it’s easy to understand why California is suffering from a massive outflow of citizens to other states.

That exodus to Texas, Arizona, Nevada and other states is being driven by a singular powerful force — cost of living. Few Californians are unaware of how expensive it is to live here relative to other states. Despite a rapidly growing national economy, many citizens here still feel left behind, and for good reason. California’s poverty rate is 20.6 percent, the highest in the nation, when the cost of living is taken into account. In a recent poll, 47 percent of Californians considered themselves “working poor.”

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  1. Jane Rands says:

    Comparing the cost of $10/mo. on gas compared to $100’s/mo. on rent, I think Prop 10 would have a greater impact.

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