Marin group named ‘Taxpayer Organization of the Year’ by HJTA

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California’s most influential taxpayer-advocacy organization, has named Marin’s Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (CO$T) as “Taxpayer Organization of the Year” for 2018. HJTA annually recognizes outstanding effort by a local taxpayer organization or leader.

CO$T is a nonpartisan organization representing the rights and interests of Marin’s taxpayer-voters on issues of tax and essential-services fee affordability, fairness, and transparency. CO$T’s leadership team is known for its financial expertise and deep-dive research. The Marin Independent Journal dubbed CO$T’s president and founder, Mimi Willard, “Marin’s Budget Hawk.”

COSTMarinIn naming its Taxpayer Organization of the Year, HJTA President Jon Coupal cited CO$T’s unique nonpartisan coalition as an innovative approach to taxpayer advocacy in California.

“CO$T appreciates HJTA’s support of local taxpayer groups,” Willard said, “as well as its leadership in defending California taxpayer rights via legislative advocacy, and its legal challenges to breaches of California taxpayers’ constitutionally protected rights. We’d also like to thank HJTA president Jon Coupal, who was a guest speaker in CO$T’s acclaimed Taxpayer Forum series of educational talks featuring experts on California taxpayer issues.”

In 2013, Jack Dean, president of the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers, was named Taxfighter of the Year by HJTA.

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