California Attorney General admits end to sham probe of OC Sheriff’s Department

By R. Scott Moxley, OC Weekly | On the homepage for his California Department of Justice (DOJ) website, Attorney General Xavier Becerra—a former Los Angeles congressional Democrat—laughably sells the notion he believes in exposing “systemic police misconduct.”

Xavier Becerra But in a quiet, corner Fullerton courtroom Friday, not on a stage before TV-news camera crews, a Becerra representative softly announced the DOJ has ended what it once touted as a serious probe of Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) corruption without taking even wrist-slap action.

Those of us who have followed the alleged investigation knew it was a sham from the outset precisely 1,499 days ago, in part, because a deputy attorney general, Theodore Cropley, sat idly through months of courtroom testimony that revealed deputies committed blatant perjury, destroyed exculpatory evidence and ran unconstitutional scams against pretrial defendants in a systemic fashion.

In the wake of that shocking inaction, the ruse of a formal DOJ probe began in March 2015, when U.S. Senator Kamala Harris served as AG, and has now finally died an embarrassing finale under the watch of Becerra.

Harris, who is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination to face President Donald Trump, essentially admitted to The New York Times earlier this year that her OCSD investigation was more of a publicity stunt because she didn’t want to use her office to reprimand tainted cops when, in her view, citizens should wait for an election and vote out leaders of warped agencies.

Becerra showed he, too, wasn’t interested in using his office’s powers to hold badged wrongdoers responsible when, ostensibly while the independent probe was ongoing last May, he held a happy, hamfisted campaign event at OCSD’s Santa Ana headquarters with the same officers who conducted cover-up operations for what became known as the jailhouse-informant scandal.

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