New report exposes billions in government waste, fraud and abuse

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has released this year’s Follow the Money report, chronicling cases of bureaucratic waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Follow the MoneyThe cases illustrated in the report show the need for vigilance in any matter concerning governments’ use of taxpayer dollars. Examples in this year’s report include the state government having appropriated $410 million meant to go to mortgage victims, a school district with a $35 million-dollar deficit sent several administrators to $30,000 conference at Harvard, and a million-dollar possum home.

Asked about the necessity of the report, HJTA’s president Jon Coupal said, “The mission of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is to protect Proposition 13 and to advance taxpayers’ rights. Follow the Money furthers that cause, documenting government waste and giving taxpayers the information they need to take politicians to task over claims that they need more money”.

To read this year’s Follow the Money report, please click here (pdf).

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