Newsom makes a few good moves

By Jon Coupal | There is little debate that California is a harsh, anti-taxpayer environment ruled by a tax-happy majority party.  However, in this super-partisan environment that grips both California and the entire nation, it is important to point out when our political adversaries do something positive.

In that spirit, let’s acknowledge what Gov. Gavin Newsom did right for California’s taxpayers.

A weekly column by Jon Coupal

First, he vetoed Senate Bill 268, which would have weakened important tax transparency laws that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association fought hard to enact several years ago. Specifically, SB268 sought to alter Assembly Bill 809 and AB195 (2015-2016) which, taken together, require that the rate of a tax, its duration, and amount of money sought to be raised be included in the ballot label for local bond and special tax measures, including parcel taxes. That ensures that this critical information is visible to voters on the ballot itself, and not just printed in a separate voter information pamphlet.

The ballot label is commonly the last thing taxpayers see before voting on a measure, and is the most accessible way to reach voters. SB268 would have removed this information for local bonds and some parcel taxes, to instead bury it in the voter information guide, far from the eyes of most voters.

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