Correcting ballot measure deception

By Jon Coupal | A few weeks ago, this column recounted how progressive labor interests and their allies in government have stacked the deck against taxpayers in their efforts to qualify and pass the infamous “split roll” initiative. The measure, entitled the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020, would remove one of Proposition 13’s most important protections — the limitation on annual increases in taxable value — from business and commercial properties. The increased tax burden would be passed along to consumers and taxpayers who are already struggling with California’s high cost of living.

A weekly column by Jon Coupal

Proponents of this massive $12 billion property tax increase have surpassed collecting 25 percent of the signatures needed to place the measure on the November 2020 ballot.

One-party rule in California allows the proponents of split roll to tip the scales in their favor in two significant ways.

First, rather than discharge his duties to prepare a fair and objective title and summary for the initiative petitions, Attorney General Xavier Becerra has, once again, revealed himself to be little more than a partisan politician. The biased title he assigned for the initiative petitions themselves does not say that the measure increases taxes, merely that it “increases funding” by “changing tax assessment.”

Is it really so hard to simply say, “increases property taxes?”

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