Councilmember Whitaker calls for the immediate re-opening of Fullerton

In his opening comments at the beginning of last night’s city council meeting, councilmember Bruce Whitaker made the following remarks:

“First of all, something positive: We are here, back in the council chambers this evening! This allows our residents an opportunity to engage in their right to address their representatives regarding decisions and policies which affect all in our city.

“In these difficult and challenging times, we look forward to a return to normalcy, perhaps never to be precisely the same, but as normal as will be possible.

“These comments are aimed at our San Francisco-centric state government:

    This Council should advocate policies to re-open Fullerton immediately!
    We continue to see goal posts and requirements/targets shift and change.
    Arbitrary exceptions are made on the fly . . . reversals.
    Who decides "essential or non-essential?" Many, if not all, are being denied
    essential freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

“These delays are causing substantial damage — economic and human damage, with a diminished quality of lives.

“Re-open now!”

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