Protesters gather in downtown Fullerton, some recalling their own violent episodes with police

By Scott Schwebke and Tony Saavedra, Orange County Register | Some 100 protesters gathered Saturday afternoon at the Fullerton Transportation Center as violence and outrage continued to erupt nationwide from the death of George Floyd as he was being apprehended by a Minneapolis police officer.

The location was symbolic. The transportation center has been dubbed by activists as Kelly’s Corner in memory of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who was fatally beaten by police in 2011, near a light pole at the expansive facility.

Protesters held signs that read ” Black Lives Matter” and “Who do you Call When the Murderer Wears a Badge?”

A woman who appeared to be leading the demonstration used a loudspeaker to attack police for being at the rally. “Your presence is agitating us,” she shouted. The officers eventually retreated about 4:30 p.m.

Numerous protesters addressed the crowd, recounting violent encounters with police.

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