1,500 unite outside Fullerton City Hall on Saturday in peaceful protest

By Jessica Benda, Daily Titan | Twelve days after George Floyd’s death, over a thousand people flocked to Fullerton City Hall on Saturday as protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement continue to sweep the nation.

Approximately 1,500 peaceful protesters, including several Cal State Fullerton students, chanted underneath a cloudy sky along the intersection of Highland and Commonwealth avenues. Unlike the protest that occurred at the same intersection on May 30, visible police presence was scarce as the crowd raised up signs and shouted as passing cars honked.

Faith Forcucci-Morris, who organized the event with her husband, Conner, and grew up in Fullerton herself, said that they want to keep pushing for progress.

“The purpose is to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as the Indivisible movement. We need to vote Trump out of office. We need changes to police reform and we need to defund the police and make our community better for everyone,” Forcucci-Morris said. “This is a place that means a lot to me, and instead of leaving for someplace better I want to fix it.”

The Fullerton Police Department, which is right across the street from City Hall, was notified about the event in advance by Forcucci-Morris.

Fullerton Police Sgt. Eric Bridges said that it was a very successful event as there were no arrests made in regards to the protest.

“We at the police department, we are very supportive of people’s First Amendment rights, and we do everything we can to facilitate that. As long as the protesters are peaceful and law-abiding, we have no problem with that and again, we do make every effort to support that,” Bridges said.

Kids and pets also participated in the protest as volunteers handed out water bottles through the crowd.

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